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Yoga in Monmouthshire

Hatha Flow Classes, Yoga as a Therapy, Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Small yoga classes in and around Usk, Monmouth and Abergavenny, one to one therapy sessions and yoga weekends.

Miranda portrait black and whiteTeaching is my passion!  I used to be a school teacher, but after having children of my own, I decided on a change so trained for two years as a classical hatha yoga teacher with Friends of Yoga (FRYOG).  I find music can transform your mood and believe that the right music can have a wonderful effect in a class.

Although most of my classes are fairly strong and dynamic, I put a strong emphasis on the breath, alignment and safety in all postures and like to explain what effects the postures are having on the body. I give stages of difficulty with poses and stress the importance of listening to the body and building up to the stronger poses only when ready. (Probably a bit like a broken record!)

I aim to enable students to take what they learn on the mat and use it to improve their day to day lives.

Having trained as a yoga therapist, I give private yoga sessions to those looking for a more therapeutic class.

I also run a small weekly nurturing class (for older students or those needing more attention) tailored to those suffering from just general aches and pains to arthritis, osteoporosis, hip replacements, knee replacements and other issues which might prevent them from wanting to join a general class.

Join a class – click here for the timetable or contact me to book a private yoga session